9 Small Yet Awesome Functions You Will Want to Know About Your Galaxy S6

You have probably heard a lot about the all new Galaxy S6 by now. But there is more to this phone than the dual edge display and the easy-to-use camera. There are many little functions that have been added that may go unnoticed, but that will help you make the most out of the time you spend on your Galaxy S6. Here’s a list of the functions that deserve your attention:

1) Organizing Apps into a Folder

Drag one app on top of another to create a folder. Now it’s much easier to organize your apps.


2) Changing Home Screen Theme

Go to “Themes” in the Settings menu, and simply choose the theme you want to apply. Your own theme will make your phone more unique.


3) Direct Phone Call from the Lock Screen

Galaxy S6 now lets you make a phone call directly from the Lock Screen. Just swipe the lower left corner from the Lock Screen, and you’ll see the Phone icon. Imagine the times when you are struggling with all those grocery bags in your hands, and you wish you had just one more hand to help you out. When you finally reach the front of your apartment building, you can’t wait forever for someone to let you in. At this kind of moment, you can utilize this quick shortcut on the Lock Screen to make a brief call to your roommate or family to open the door for you.


4) Quick Panel on the Security Lock Screen

You can now access the Quick Panel on the Security Lock Screen (pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint). With this shortcut, you can connect to Wi-Fi internet, and enable or disable many other functions on the Quick Panel without having to unlock the device. This will come in handy when you’re at a theater and the movie is about to start. You can make your screen dim in seconds without getting that scolding look from your friends.

5) Easy Access to Six Apps during a Phone Call

With this added access to six apps (E-mail, Messages, Internet, Contacts, S-Planner, and Memo) during a phone call, you will be able to take a quick memo, browse the Internet to search for the perfect restaurant to meet the person on the phone with you, and mark the date of your meeting before you forget. Just slide to the next page on the screen while on a phone call, and you will see these apps.

6) Enhanced Features, Enhanced Communication

Do you have most of your friends’ photos saved with their phone numbers in your Contacts? If yes, how many times do you change their pictures? Or is it still the same one from years and years ago when you first got their number? Enhanced features are a set of three improved native features (Contacts, Share, and Messages) that can help you communicate better with your friends and family. You only need to verify your phone number to sign up for these features; no other information is required. After this easy sign-up process, you can enjoy Enhanced features.

While the original Contacts doesn’t include your friends’ status or photo updates, Profile sharing lets you share your profile information with your friends without any SNS syncing. Your profile information can include a profile picture, your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, and organization. You can also change the settings to share your profile with only a specific group of people.

Simple sharing will make file sharing much more convenient. Just choose the people in your Contacts you want to share photos or any other files with, and press send. You can share any files up to 1GB at a time, up to 2GB a day. Recipients who are Enhanced features users will receive push notifications for downloading the files, and non-users of Enhanced features will receive SMS messages with a URL. The shared files can be stored in the cloud server for two days, and can be downloaded all at once without having the user having to download the files one at a time. When you’re sharing the photos from your trip to Beijing with your friends, this feature will help you save time.

If you’re tired of boring texts, you might enjoy Enhanced messaging. You and your friends can talk to each other one on one, and through free group chats, and exchange images and videos, too.

(These features may not be offered by certain carriers and/or in certain countries. These features are free over a Wi-Fi connection.)

7) Gallery Favorites

Whether it is a good-looking selfie, or the amazing photograph of the Louvre you took during your trip to Paris last summer, add it to your Favorites. You’ll be able to go back to your favorite photos without endlessly scrolling through your Gallery.


8) Simple Music App

When you’re using the Music app, find the menu on the upper left corner of your phone screen that says ‘Playlists.’ You’ll see the following options: Tracks, Albums, Artists, Genres, Folders and Composers. The mini player with basic functions focuses on the fundamentals, with only rewind, play, and fast-forward controls. SoundAlive adopted a new viewing style, changing from the old square view to two dials. These dials change the balance between bass and treble, and between instrumentals and vocals.


9) New Screen Lock Type: Direction Lock

If you ever had any trouble with accessibility, whether you were not sure if you pressed the right PIN, or you had difficulty drawing the right pattern every time, try this new type of screen lock.

Follow these steps to apply the Direction Lock:

Go to Settings -> Personal -> Accessibility (Lock screen and security) ->Direction lock -> Create series of directions. You can combine four to eight directions to set up the Direction Lock, which comes with these useful settings options – Vibration feedback, Sound feedback, Show directions and Read drawn directions aloud.

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