5 Tips for a Very Merry Christmas for you and your Smartphone

Tis fast approaching that time again when that crisp breeze has just started to blow and the urge for sorrel, ham and freeness begins to gain momentum. It is also a time where we prepare to fight, not for the last slice of cake, but to hold on to our most prized possessions because with the Christmas cheer also comes an increase in theft. Hold-ups and shake downs become common place as our urban “Robbing” Hoods come to take from the have’s (read YOU and ME) to give to the have not’s (Read THEM, Tisha Baby mother #1 and Staci Babymother #2)

Yea I get it, they want to have iPhones and Galaxys too, but if you are anything like me you would rather save your charity work for the Salvation Army so here are a few tips to help you keep you and your favourite mobile device stay connected!

  1. Shut Up, Don’t Put Up

Shut Up!

Crass yes? But very accurate. We live in an age where if it isn’t on social media then it really hasn’t happened. But we also live in a world where there is really no such thing as “privacy”. I know you really REALLY want to show off your #currentsituation and share with your “friends” where you are having this amazing time but for the sake of all that you hold dear, don’t. Not just yet.

You see, telling people where you are also tells people where you are NOT. This is the equivalent of saying “Hello Stranger, I am not home. Enter as you wish.” Constant location updates along your journey also put you at risk of being tracked and potentially followed home or car jacked.

Is it worth it? I think not. Thank god for #latergram right?

  1. Tag? Don’t Be It


Boys and girls now is the time to check your software settings on all your apps. A lot of applications now have a default setting that shows your location. Turn them off! The dangers ring exactly as they do above. Also, remember that if your accounts are linked check all location settings on ALL accounts. Turning off Instagram’s geo-tagging doesn’t mean that your FB status won’t share your location with that same post that was auto shared.

  1. Back It Up


Preferably on a cloud account or some other remote device. Wherever else you choose to do it, I don’t really judge lol But honestly, when was the last time you backed up your phone? Do you know what gets backed up and where it goes? Now is the best time to find out. Choose to back up the things that are most important to you and familiarize yourself with exactly where it goes and any login info required. Also, increase the frequency of backups so new info is captured and updated often.

  1. Bruk It Down

giphy (2)

While you are checking your backup protocol scroll on over and get to know if your phone has a remote shut down or wipe option (Windows 8 allows you to remotely locate, ring and erase all contents on your phone- Yay Microsoft!). This way if you do end up sans your beloved mobile device at least your uhmm…sensitive information remains secret.

5. Let It Go!


If all else fails and you do end up at the less palatable end of the stick or gun or knife, folks please, just let it go! Nothing is worth your life. Yes it may hurt, LIKE HELL, and you may be tempted to engage the eye of the tiger but don’t! Think of all the selfies you won’t be able to take when you are dead….



For everything else, there is phone insurance…..Yes! It’s a thing! Want to hear more about it? Or anything else…. Ask nicely 🙂

Do you have any great social tips that you think people should hear? Do share! If you liked this article share it as well.


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