How the Ministry of National Security will track and punish Jamaican 119 Pranksters

“When people have genuine needs they cannot get through, and then you have this backlog of people waiting and hoping. The prank callers are tying up the system and wasting resources”

National Security Minister Robert Montague during a speech at the National Police College in St Catherine

Listen up 119 pranksters in 2017! Looks like the Government of Jamaica has had it with 119 pranksters in 2016!

Minister Robert Montague has recently announced at a ceremony at the National Police College in St Catherine in December 2016 that they will track and punish 119 Pranksters using quote “the bits of equipment and the software” they are importing into the island.

They’ve already set in motion plans to have special equiptment to track the location of pranksters and punish them. And yes, a Police Unit will no doubt be created to deal with this, based on the fact he made this revelation while speaking at the National Police College in St Catherine.

In case you’re unaware what emergency numbers are and how to use them or don’t own a Telephone Director and hardly make calls anyway here’s a quick list:

  • 110 – Emergency Contact for Police
  • 112 – Emergency Contact for Police
  • 115 – Repair Services
  • 116 – Hurricane Update
  • 117 – Time and Date
  • 119 – Direct Contact to the Police
  • 811 – King Fish
  • 911 – Fire or Ambulance Services

According to Minister Robert Montague, they’re really a nuisance:

  • 32,000 calls per day to 119
  • 22,000 of those are mischief makers

That’s 68.75% or two (2) out of every three (3) of the calls being made by pranksters. Now with the Stay Alert App as detailed in How Ministry Of National Security Stay Alert App can be your Personal Bodyguard, these pranksters have more tools to play with.

But how will this tracking work?

How the Ministry of National Security can track you – Android has built in vulnerabilities

Most likely it’ll take advantage of the fact that most smartphones pranksters are really dumb; they use Android smartphones that are registered in their names with the GPS (Global Positioning System) option turned on.

Thus these “bits of equipment and the software” is basically s software package on a Laptop connected to the internet that is going to exploit security loopholes that naturally exist in Android smartphones as described in How 700 million Chinese Phones with Adups firmware can Spy on You  to remotely log into your smartphones.

Then they can determine who you are based on what they see. With the GPS turned on, you’re location is already known. So pranksters, if you feel the urge to prank the Police, know that in the future, they may be able to pop up at your house….or even your workplace and arrest you.

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