Speedo and Samsung Make Waves with Speedo On app

“Our Gear customers have been looking for more water-resistant products, and now with the Speedo partnership and the Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro, we are delivering the best experience to meet their demands.  Vice President of Wearable Product Strategy Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, Kiseon Kim, commenting on the Speedo On swim […]

How to track any Google Android, Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone

So you’ve been gifted a smartphone by your significant other. A question then: how do you recover the smartphone if it becomes lost? How to track any Google Android or Apple iPhone – Preinstalled Apps are your true friends If it’s a Google Android, Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, make sure before […]

How to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal from your Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem

When it comes to coaxing stronger Wi-Fi from your router, the following adage is true: Location, location, location. Steel in the walls will block Wi-Fi signals and as such where you place your Wi-Fi router is important. This is true if you have one of Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem as described in Caricel’s Unlimited Modems […]

5 Easy Home Security Improvements you can make today

Home security is a constant source of distress for the majority of Americans. Improving your home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple measures and tricks can greatly improve the security of your home and reduce the chances of you becoming the next victim of a burglary attempt.   The following is a compilation of […]

Digicel and Huawei test True power of Fiber using UHD TV

“Today is a proud day for Huawei. Working with Digicel, we have achieved incredible things and we are changing the lives of customers for the better” Account Director for Huawei Technologies, Engelbert Reys, commenting on Digicel test of UHD TV   Digicel Group and Huawei Technologies continue to push the boundaries of technology and put the […]

Remove Blingback Tunes, Riddles of the Day and Spin and Win from FLOW phones

If you live in the Caribbean, you may have been subscribed to one of FLOW’s money-making 444 services: CRBT (Caller Ringback Tune) or Blingback Tunes Riddles of the Day Spin and Win This may differ from country to country in the Caribbean, but one thing is sure; removing them is a hassle. Worse, you’re being […]

Samsung Galaxy Studios – Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy 8

Among the Galaxy Studios’ highlights include experiences surrounding the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Many visitors have particularly enjoyed the Liquid Canvas experience, in which their selfie is recreated underwater in ink, oil or liquid dye as the Galaxy S8 is moved over a ‘Liquid Canvas.’ The activity also showcases the benefits of the phone’s IP68 […]