LIGO upgrades result in weekly detection of GW’s from Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) was taken offline in 2018 so that upgrades could be made to its instruments. Upgrades made to both LIGO and Virgo have increased the sensitivity of its instruments by about 40%. This would allow detections to take place weekly or more often. After completing the upgrades on April 1st 2019, […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 is an AI computer in your pocket

“Our new Galaxy S10 builds on an incredible heritage accumulated over 10 years, and delivers breakthrough display, camera, and performance innovations. With four high-level devices, each designed for a unique consumer, Samsung takes advantage of a decade of leadership in the sector to start a new era in smartphone technology”. Sales Manager at Samsung Electronics […]

Jamaica’s EPC not a real solution for the Poor to go Renewable Energy

The EPC (Energy performance contracting) mechanism is finally coming to Jamaica. The EPC model will develop a sustainable financing mechanism for renewable energy by removing the upfront cost. The aim of the EPC is to stimulate Public sector investment in renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies via providing: Financing Expertise Greater accessibility and Transparency   Support […]