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Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Project Titan

It hasn’t been a secret but now its official, Internet Explorer; the worlds most hated web browser is going to be replaced in Windows 10. Microsoft hasn’t decided on a new name for thier IE replacement but internally and on tech blogs it has been

Google shows off Jam with Chrome

Because all geeks dream of being musical stars Google has revealed Jame with Chrome, an interesting experiment that allows Google Chrome users to visit a specific website and play up to 19 different instruments together. Powered by technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Google Cloud Platform

Google Chrome now in Beta for Android

Google Chrome has been steadily climbing the browser charts since it was first released in 2008, it recently overtook Firefox as the world’s second most popular browser. It still has some ways to overthrow Internet Explorer but Chrome has decided to set out to conquer fresh new territory – this time

Gmail is latest Google service to get a revamp

Just a day after Google Reader officially got it’s face-lift Gmail’s official new look is not being released into the wild for all who are interested to take it for a test spin. The updates to the interface have been available for a while in the theme