Surfing the Web Safely – How to do it

When you surf the net, the last thing the average user thinks about is “can someone track me or my net habits?”. Believe me when I say that, it is possible to learn information about you even when you don’t want to advertise who you are. This is true even if your system contains no virus or malware software. Specifically, information that is easily available online includes your internet protocol address, your country (and often more location information based on internet protocol address), what computer system you are on, the operating system version your using, what browser you use, your browser history and more. Also, cookies (not those sweet kind I must add, the bits and pieces of your browsing history) can track your habits as you move from machine to machine. So basically, you are being monitored even thought you might not want to be.

Surfing the Web safely

How do people get this basic information about you?

When you visit different websites, information about you can be retrieved and recorded. Basically, information is intercepted and used by others to track your Internet activities. Read more about Surfing the Web Safely – How to do it