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Tips and Tricks on how to make your computer run faster

Emancipate yourself from Mental slavery None but ourselves can Free our minds Excerpt from the Song Redemption Song from the Album Exodus by Bob Marley It’s Tuesday August 6th 2013. Happy Independence Day dear reader when you read this! Your snail of a computer is

Facebook Home announced alongside HTC First

At a press event today in California Facebook has announced a new software for Android phones called Facebook Home. Facebook Home is a suite of apps that integrates the world’s largest social network almost every functionality of an android-powered smartphone. The mobile web is an

iOS 6: Sign of Apple Stumbling?

I am surrounded by Apple products daily; an iMac, an iPad 2 and an iPhone. I use the iPad 2 the most and have grown to appreciate it’s benefits when compared to a traditional laptop or desktop computer. One of the things that gets to

How to use CPU-Z to Identify Processors

If you are like me, you probably follow a lot of the news in the Processor world with a fervour of a horseracing fanatic. The minute the latest Processor that comes out, you are all over its specs. But what under the hood of your

CCleaner – Keep your Computer Optimized and Sparkling

CCleaner is one program I believe should be installed on every Windows computer. CCleaner is a diagnostic utility software that helps computer users keep their computer running properly which in turn protects their privacy and keeps your computer from slowing down or crashing. The average computer