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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – King of the Phablet niche

The Samsung Galaxy Note line of phones is the undisputed king of the phablets. Those giant phones filling the gap between tablet and phone were once the target of great ridicule in the early years but as smartphone screens got bigger and batteries got better phablets

Reviewing Super Secret Mobile Messaging Apps

So here we are… smack-dab in this post-snowden, post-wikileaks era, relatively fresh off the Vybz Kartel conviction and in a world where the rise and fall of the day’s celebrities are telegraphed, televised, devised and demised by Twitter and other social media. In this hyper-sensitive

App Spotlight – Star Wars: Assault Team

Star Wars: Assault team is new Star Wars-themed  strategy and collectible card game. The game is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. In Star Wars: Assault Team players put together teams of up to four members and take on various mission through a multi-chapter story.

Android App Review: Clean Master FREE

Merry New Year and all the best for it as well. I know I havent given you any good stuff in a while, so in my attempt to make up for lost time. I bring you an Android App Review. Personally, I would consider myself

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The Samung Galaxy S4 is the latest and greatest from Samsung’s super successful Galaxy line of Android-powered smartphones. Samsung has already sold millions in the first few weeks of release and the S4 like its predecessor has won numerous awards and is expected to be

Nokia Lumia 610 – Review

The Nokia Lumia 610 is is smartphone powered by the Windows Phone operating system that was released last year. It is no secret that Windows phones have been eclipsed in the market and in the minds of many consumers in recent years by phones running

Samsung Galaxy S II Review

If you haven’t heard by now, the Samsung Galaxy S II is among the best of the best of Android smartphones available on the market today and thanks to some very awesome people we have the device right here in the clutches of our Geezam

Kodak Zi8 – a cheap little video recording powerhouse

A year ago I became interested in acquiring a small, affordable HD video recorder. After some research and feedback from friends I decided to go with the Kodak Zi8. It cost less than $100 at the time I bought it and could record HD video up to 1080p