Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

So after embracing myself in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 realm for a while its an all new experience its like an all new world of BC2 this is where the game shines. I dare say this is the only place it shines, but I promised my therapist I would think happy thoughts so lets just say it shines brighter here, much much brighter.

As you login to your EA account to play the multiplayer, BC2 has adopted what practically every other game seems to have adopted as of late the inclusion of a leveling system uniquely you start from level 0 instead of level 1. The player has 4 different game types to chose from:

  • Conquest where you take control and hold up to 4 areas on the map while dwindling down the resistance,
  • Rush the defense or destruction of M-Coms located across the map,
  • Squad Rush smaller version of rush which pits two squads (8 players) against each other &
  • Squad Deathmatch a traditional game type one team versus the other first to reach a specific frag count wins.

Then you choose from one of 4 class types in BC2 Read more about Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer