How APC’s Mobile Power Pack save Millennials from Smartphone Death

The smartphone is indisputably one of the most indispensible aspects of both our personal and professional lives. While tech giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC giants battle for marketshare, APC’s Mobile Power Pack is making sure that users don’t suffer in the meantime. The smartphone market, which was seen as […]

Google Event on September 29th 2015 to launch Nexus running Marshmallow

Google, having just recently changed their logo as reported in Kelroy’s article Google updates its Logo, isn’t gonna let the momentum drop anytime soon. They’ve now announced that they’re holding an event on Tuesday September 29th 2015 to unveil their latest Nexus flagship smartphones running Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s also been confirmed who the […]

Huawei Ascend Y330 – An Affordable and Capable Android Smartphone

The age of the smartphone arrived a few years ago but price has always been a barrier to the vast majority of mobile phone users gaining access to smartphones. In recent months the price of smartphones have increasingly trended downwards to the point now where phones, with specs now selling for less than us$100, could […]

Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona announces Huawei Ascend P2 as Samsung debuts Tizen OS

The Mobile World Congress 2013 (MWC) Kicked off on Monday February 25th 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. It the show everyone’s been waiting for as it’s the Telecom Worlds showcase of the latest and greatest smartphone and Tablet product launches for the Telecoms Equipment Supplier World. An already, even before the official show gets underway, there’s […]

How to Access LIME or Digicel’s 3G Internet using an unlocked Huawei E1556 Modem Dongle or Nokia Modem Dongle

By now you may have taken a gander and actually used the advice in my article How to Unlock your Huawei Modem to work on LIME 3G or Digicel and actually unlocked your Huawei E1556 Modem Dongle. This process may seem unnecessary to you, but keep in mind that the Huawei E1556 Modem Dongle, albeit […]

How to Unlock your Huawei Modem to work on LIME 3G or Digicel

As you may be aware from reading Kelroy’s article Claro Jamaica to get the Axe from Digicel come March 1st, Digicel is slated to shut down CLARO Jamaica’s GSM Voice Network on Thursday March 1st 2012AD. The reason is of course becoming increasingly clear as to why Digicel really wants CLARO Jamaica: access to their 3G […]

Crouching LIME Huawei E586 Mi-Fi – Hidden Dekal Wireless Dragon

On Friday October 21st 2011AD, LIME decided to let loose the Mobile Hotspot on the masses of 3G users. Specifically, the Huawei E586 Mobile Hotspot, or “Mi-Fi” as our American cousins to the North call this contrivance of Telecom Providers to have us spend more money using their addictive Wireless Broadband services. The Press Release can be […]