Digicel to Acquire Jamaica’s Telstar Cable

Digicel has reached an agreement to acquire  cable television, broadband and telephony services company Telstar Cable pending the approval of Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission. Digicel has acquired a number of cable and internet companies throughout the Caribbean in recent months but Telstar Cable is its largest acquisition yet though financial details of the purchase has not been made public. […]

Jamaica’s Meteorological Service Twitter account ordered closed after Climate Change disagreement with Politician

UPDATE: Met Service releases official statement about suspended Twitter Account A social media storm is brewing on Twitter after the official Twitter account for the Meteorological Service of Jamaica was ordered closed by management after an apparent disagreement with North East St. Elizabeth Member of Parliament and Deputy General Secretary for the People’s National Party Raymond […]

Jamaica goes 4G LTE as Minister Paulwell prepares Third Data Telecom Provider entrant

“I believe that the price of Broadband (service) is too high. We want to see more competition…..to get those prices down . . . and (as such), I am going to bring in another (provider)” Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell, speaking at the launch of a Vision 2050 Information Technology (IT) initiative […]

Jamaica facing an acute Shortage of Qualified Technicians and Engineers for upcoming Projects

Even as Engineers get top dollar in the US of A and is thus the recommended Career path for Jamaicans studying abroad as I’d pointed out in Engineering Degrees are among the Top Earning Degrees in the USA for Jamaican College Students, Jamaica is facing an acute shortage of Qualified Engineers. “Almost in every study […]

CARCIP calls for greater Caribbean Innovation

Three Eastern Caribbean countries are benefitting from an infrastructure development thrust that could usher in a new era of technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship for the region. The initiative is part of the World Bank-funded Caribbean Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP), coordinated by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU). A series of workshops rolling out in Saint Lucia, […]

Caribbean rides the Fitness Craze as Nike Fuelband SE making Apple iPhone users healthier

Here in the Caribbean and especially here in Jamaica where I live, the fitness craze is catching on. With our Economy slowly showing some signs of recovery and Boys and Girls Champs fast approaching in March 2014, many can already seen walking around in Track bottoms trying to lose some pounds and get fit. Nike’s […]

Bahamas Upgraded to LTE Mobile Data

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), part of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC), has completed the full commercial launch of the country’s only Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile data services. 4G LTE is the fastest mobile data service currently available to telecoms operators and will enable BTC to increase the speed at which its customers can […]

Columbus Communications expects BYOD boost for Cloud Computing

“I expect that this will be normal for Jamaican businesses and other sectors such as education in the next five years” Director of Government and Strategic Accounts Jenson Sylveste at Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited speaking on the trend toward Cloud Computing Yes, folks, the byline on this article is spot on. Columbus Communications, the parent […]