Twitter celebrates its fifth birthday

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet five years ago on 21 March 2006. Five years on Twitter is one of the largest social networking websites with a massive user-base worldwide with hundreds of thousands new registrations be day. Twitter users now send more than 140 million Tweets a day which adds up to […]

10 Years of the Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 is the best selling video game console of all time. Ever since its arrival on the 5ith of March 2000 it has been a powerhouse in the gaming world and to this day 10 years after it’s release sales remain strong and new games are still being developed for the system. The Playstation is truly a revolutionary system that spearheaded countless innovations while building the achievements of the first Playstation and laying the foundation for the Playstation 3.

When the Playstation 2 was released I was in high school and a Nintendo fanboy to the core. Before the days of going online and having knowledge of the latest and greatest happenings in the video game industry me and my friends had to rely on video game magazines to stay up to date with what was going on. I remember clearly the buzz that surrounded the Playstation 2 launch and how breathtakingly awesome the graphics were to me back then. It’s hard to believe that 10 years has gone by already especially when you look back at all that has happened in the industry over that decade. Happy 10th birthday to the Sony PlayStation 2! Read more about 10 Years of the Playstation 2