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Sony Unveils Google powered Internet TV

Sony has teamed up with Google to launch a line of HDTVs powered by Google TV. Google TV is co-developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech software and is a hardware platform for set-top boxes and HDTVs based on the Android operating system. Dubbed Sony Internet TV, the line comprises four 1080p LCD sets 24-inch ($600); 32-inch ($800); 40-inch ($1,000); 46-inch ($1,400).

The TVs will be available only in NOrth America starting Saturday through Best Buy will put them on sale starting Sunday Consumers can do virtually everything online with Sony’s televisions that they can on a computer — post messages on Twitter, stream movies from Netflix and read the news. A Google search engine specifically designed for the television screen is intended to make it easier to find show times or programs stored on a digital video recorder, along with other kinds of information.

Apple, Logitech, Roku and Boxee all offer technology for marrying televisions with the Web. But their set-top boxes must be connected to a television (granted, the setup isn’t difficult). Sony’s new TV’s come preinstalled with the necessary software and therefore don’t need an additional connection other than to the Internet through a cable or Wi-Fi.

Find out more about Google TV here.

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