Opera mobile(Nokia s60 version) final review.

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There are three ways of accessing the internet upfront: The Google searchbar, the url bar and bookmarks. The first website I visited was the acid3 test to see just how well the the JavaScript rendering engine is. 92/100 is quite good for a mobile browser considering the default browser of the e71 failed to even render a single element.

Opera mobile Acid3 test

e71 Acid3 failure

All light JavaScript based websites worked well including the touch version of Facebook

…and Yahoo

Heavier websites perform moderately

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2 thoughts on “Opera mobile(Nokia s60 version) final review.


    (August 4, 2010 - 9:27 pm)

    “opera 10 is the first Symbian version of opera mobile to support flash and flashlite plug-ins”


    “Opera Mobile is a modern, fully featured browser that supports most major web contents and protocols. It is one of the best of it’s class and outperforms the built in browser in everyway except for the lack of flash.”

    ummmm…am I missing something or is that a flat out contradiction?


    (August 4, 2010 - 9:38 pm)

    No there isnt a contradiction, if anything I should have explained it a bit more. The browser itself does support the plugin for flash but nokia does not allow it to access the flashite plugin that is shipped with their phones, thus flash does not work.

    I think the issue itself was a big sour point between nokia and opera when opera mobile 9.x went live, which contributed to it not being made available for nokia symbian phones.

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