Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

So after embracing myself in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 realm for a while its an all new experience its like an all new world of BC2 this is where the game shines. I dare say this is the only place it shines, but I promised my therapist I would think happy thoughts so lets just say it shines brighter here, much much brighter.

As you login to your EA account to play the multiplayer, BC2 has adopted what practically every other game seems to have adopted as of late the inclusion of a leveling system uniquely you start from level 0 instead of level 1. The player has 4 different game types to chose from:

  • Conquest where you take control and hold up to 4 areas on the map while dwindling down the resistance,
  • Rush the defense or destruction of M-Coms located across the map,
  • Squad Rush smaller version of rush which pits two squads (8 players) against each other &
  • Squad Deathmatch a traditional game type one team versus the other first to reach a specific frag count wins.

Then you choose from one of 4 class types in BC2 Read more about Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Well I finally got my fangs into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after all the hype and the fact about all my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 companions basically bailed on me and left me to the comfort of random people.  So after being loaned a Bad Company 2  account to test out the game I decided to get my own copy but that was solely due to the multiplayer aspect.

battlefield-bad-company-2 box front

Disappointing campaign and Stubborn Controls

BC2’s campaign left a bad taste in my mouth I was some what disappointed with the overall execution of its campaign mode I wasn’t totally surprised though because first person shooters (FPS) are not usually known to have good story modes just something to get you along the way and not just mindless shooting, one is usually given just enough to let you know why you are shooting and blowing up any and everything that moves.  I found the controls some what stubborn especially when operating and external weapons like a mounted gun on a vehicle this usually only became apparent at the far left and right angles even when I increased the sensitivity of the mouse I had the same issue it wasn’t a response time problem just an overall all feel of the controls. Read more about Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Mass Effect 2

Well I completed Mass Effect 2 and I must say I found it rather entertaining especially compared to its predecessor, when Mass Effect was released it caused a lot of waves in the ocean of the gaming world at the time from what I can remember was for its strong story, and an almost “give you total control” command system over your team and the interactivity and decisions system. I’m a sucker for a good storyline so when I saw Mass Effect on sale I jumped right on it only to be overall disappointed. I found the Command System of your team mates bugged at times one has to repeat the same command too often for the AI to actually execute what you would like or they may get stuck in a previous command and even for an “Action RPG” I found the main story to be rather short, while the remainder of the game was built up and lengthened with side quests but in all fairness it did have replay value due to the several moral decisions whether to follow the law or break it and the several Combat Classes that one can choose to play as amongst other things.

Transition to the Sequel

At first glance “Mass Effect 2” is different in appearance and feel than “Mass Effect”. The bright, welcoming, warm colors and shades of white and blue have been replaced by darker toned colors and shades such as red and black, the atmosphere is what I could call more serious or perhaps mature and  this continues throughout the entire game. After what you discovered in the first game there isn’t much to be jumping for joy about and of course being a title released 2 years later the graphics is superior and especially the detail in characters as for one is very obvious. Read more about Mass Effect 2

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

For those who love the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre but have become tired of the played out World War history and alien invasion based content and want an epic adventure that is based in reality and utilizes what actual exists, in terms of tactics and equipment currently available on the battlefields of the world, well my friends Activision is here for you once again.

First they brought you the first installment of modern warfare in “Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” which many was pleased with, myself being one of them “Call Of Duty 4” was one of the few “FPS” which consisted of a rich and for many a fulfilling storyline with gameplay to back it and “Modern Warfare 2” is no different I dare say its better it took everything from the first and made it better the only thing that I would complain about is the length of the campaign mode which like its predecessor is rather short and for many perhaps too short. It was a short ride but a fun one none the less its some what like bungee jumping a quick thrill maybe more accurately and almost instantaneous thrill which ends a little too quick. Read more about Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Heroes of Newerth Beta hands-on

A lot has changed since the dawn of the gaming genre know as “Real-Time Strategy” I remember the days of Command & Conquer, Age Of Empires, Empire Earth etc….. but I specifically remember spending hours upon hours on StarCraft now that was my “Real-Time Strategy” of choice.

RTS + RPG hybrids

As time passed slowly the “RTS (Real-Time Strategy)” genre developed and evolved and the build your army to destroy your enemies army and obliterate his/her base of command started to change, it started focusing more on the development of one character and the use of a smaller army WarCraft III lead this arena well concentrating on the building and use of main characters like Arthas and labeled them as “Heroes” the “RTS” started to slowly mix characteristics of “RPGs (Role Playing Games)” where your “Hero” would gain experience and gain levels as the “Hero” leveled it gain access to specific spells and its base stats such as Strength, Stamina etc… increased as it level you were also able to equip items to your “Hero” which benefited it in different ways, and you would be doing all of this while controlling a small contingent of units like how you would in the classic “RTS” days. Read more about Heroes of Newerth Beta hands-on